Into The Wild Promotion at TIFF (6-09-2007) Out and About with Taylor in Los Angeles 16-11-08 Arriving in Los Angeles (November 16, 2008) Arriving Home from Canada 16-11-08 At Lax Airport (18-11-08) On her way to Lax Airport (05-11-09) Arriving at Lax Airport (21-01-09) Out in Vancouver (11-03-09)
Running Errands in Los Angeles (03-03-09)
In Los Angeles (18-06-09) At a gas station in Los Angeles (28-01-09) Arriving in Italy (23-05-09) Eating dinner in Montepulciano, Italy (24-05-2009) Lunch in Montepulciano, Italy (24-05-09) In L.A (06-05-2009) Heading to a vocal studio in L.A (06-08-09) At a studio in North Hollywood (09-06-09) Supporting 100 Monkey's Show (14-04-09) Heading to a studio in Santa Monica (04-06-09) Leaving Coast Anabelle Hotel (18-06-09) Arriving at Coast Anabelle Hotel to Meet Joan Jett (16-06-09) Leaving Eclipse Set (19-08-09) On the set of The Runaways (09-07-09) Leaving Chateau Marmont Hotel 07-08-09 Arriving at a Hotel in West Hollywood 08-08-09 At Lax Airport 10-08-09 At a Kings of Leon Concert in Vancouver 15-08-09 Posing with Robert and fans at thrift store in Vancouver (September 2009) Kristen with her friends Heading at Bourget Airport in Paris (10-11-09) Out to dinner in Madrid (12-11-09) Catching a Flight Out of Lax Aiport (18-10-09) Leaving her Parents' House in Los Angeles (12-12-09) In Italy to film New Moon (24-05-09) Arriving at Nola Airport in New Orleans (31-10-10) At JFK Airport in New York (02-03-10) Out at Harry-O's in Park City, Utah (23-01-10) Arriving at La Guardia Airport in NY (18-03-10) In Sydney, Australia (3-05-10) At Regis and Kelly Show in New York (16-03-10) Out in Montreal (15-10-10) Out to dinner with Robert Pattinson (4-10-10) Leaving Vancouver, Canada (20-04-11) GYDA Lady's Military Jacket Photograph